Celebrity and CEO Guide To Security

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Account Security

Password Manager

Two-Factor Authentication

Don’t Use SMS for Two-Factor Authentication

Increased Security for Sensitive Accounts

Preventing SIM Swapping

Don’t Use SMS for Two-Factor Authentication

Add a PIN to Your Phone Number

Lock Your Number

Use a Safer Number

Prevent Identity Theft


  • Use services that cooperate with law enforcement during investigations like Google and Facebook.
  • Collect information that can be used in an investigation. Keep surveillance camera video (and make sure surveillance cameras are highly visible). Don’t delete threats or hate speech (and take screenshots). Don’t delete data (like e-mails and comments). Don’t throw away old phones and laptops (but keep them stored securely).
  • Make an example out of previous incidents. Don’t become labeled as an easy mark. If you are conned or hacked, file a police report and cooperate with the investigation.

Physical Harm





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